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Venezuela, what the world should see, blessed Venezuela!



Why live in Venezuela?

Apart from the Venezuelans?

Apart from its nature?

Apart from its energy?

Apart from its diversity?

Apart from its passion?

šŸ™‚ Let us talk you, who does not live here, through all the reasons why my husband and I decided to choose this country to be our home for the last 2 years and for the next 3, 4 or 5 years!! ā€¦and it does matter what happens, we love Venezuela and the Venezuelans!

1) Venezuelans:

To work in Venezuela is a dream for anyone who has a management, leadership position. The venezuelans are very flexible, are very quick to implement any idea, whatever appears, you have to stop them, because, if they like the idea, they do not wait a second to start implementing it. On the other side, if they do not like it, they will not complain, but they will directly tell you, but with the intention to quickly find what is the best solution! The Venezuelans make you a better person and a better professional ā€“ they will challenge you and they will demand you to be the best to be able to work with them. They are strong people, with lots, lots of passion, as a consequence they are fully committed, but they must believe, they must see a purpose, and if they do, bring your motors, you will need it! The definition is that Venezuelans are leaders, and working with them make all the strengths to be potentialize, as a conclusion I can tell that this is a nation that together can go far, far away, as they have the gift to bring the best out of the other people!

2) Its Nature:

Venezuela has everything, beaches, mountains, cold, warm weather, savannas, dunes, forestā€¦ The capital of Venezuela has a mountain inside its city, Avilla ā€“ not a mountain, but A MOUNTAIN


The CaraqueƱos have the healthy habit to climb it, it is a bless, it makes the capital green, it makes each ride through the autopista a new surprise, climbing it a sunday, till the pajaritos, you will find some waterfalls, yes, waterfalls, in the capital of the countryā€¦ ok, surprised? Let us talk about;

Los Roques ā€“ this is a group of islands, 30 minutes from Caracas, yes 30 minutes flight, it is in Caribbean Sea ā€“ crystal clear water, warm waterā€¦ the paradise at earth, one of the most beautiful places I have been!