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Peace Kit :) Big summary

Well, I will jump into a summary, as I would like to have here everything that did influence my journey to peace.

During my whole life, starting by the year of 1996, little “coincidences” happened that lead my life to a better one, but important – this was only because I had a bigger belief “Everything will always end up well, if it didn’t – do not stop the search, it is not the end yet, because everything DOES end up well…”

1) The book with what everything started:

“Do not sweat the small stuff, everything is small staff” – for this read my blog – the post on peace kit – 1st part…

2) The second book, or author that gave me different perspectives of life and death was “only love is real” Brian Weiss” This was somewhere around 2001.

In this book, Brian Weiss tells his experience with one of his patients, with whom he does a regression and it seems that the regression brings her to another life… This might be questionable, but with lots of experience and listening to proves it really mixed some feelings and knowledge inside me

3) The third step of my journey was a bigger step. This step started between 2001 and 2006, period in which I spent lots of time talking to my mother by phone, while I was in Germany and Hungary. We talked a lot about physic quantics and Buddhism, psychology, religions and mainly about life in general, and this was my hugest path to my actual believes and trueness.

This was the film  “What the bleep do we know?” – this film had some insights that were very important for my life from there on (2006 May). (see my post peace kit – 2nd part)

Some insights: Emoto – water crystallization research on positive / negative thoughts; How much negative thoughts can destroy your life; broaden you mind, broaden your attention, increase your awareness…

4) 2006 – 2007 yoga travel

The yoga brought me to a conscious level that showed me that whatever point of your life it will be always important to go back to yourself and let the whatever-bad-thing-happening go away through the focus on the good things that for sure are happening. The yoga, the asana practice is a way to the meditation, while you are doing your practice you are meditating, if you concentrate on each of your posture and try to master yourself, this little time you are there, you are only there, you are there only for you, this is meditating – with the yoga, I started the study of the Vedas, which completed a lot the other studies and learnings that I was through!!

5) Beautiful World – Already In existence

This CD, as other books, I had found by coincidence in the Amazon and had ordered just because the idea was attractive, but then this music had awe me…. The CD tell about a beautiful world already in existence, and the music “I know” is exactly my belief – I know that everything will be ok and I believe that the sun will shine again one day!

I know

How will I know, the sun is gonna shine again next day

I can reach you when you so far away

I know because my heart tells me so

How will I know, the smile behind your eyes is for real

I can touch you, and know what you feel

I know because my heart tells me so

There is so much energy, enough for every one

Deeper than the conscious mind, silent knowledge, wisdom we all share

Oh I know, I know, I know, I know, I know because my heart tells me so

How will I know that I will have the strength to go on

When all hope is gone

I know b